Hybrid Power System

Hybrid power generation systems can combine solar, wind, battery and generator power to keep your island hideaway running around the clock and around the year. In many parts of the world, the peak operating conditions for solar and wind power occur at different times of the day or even during different seasons, so a hybrid system is more likely to deliver electricity when you need it. Reserve power (up to three days’ worth) can be stored in battery banks and a diesel or gasoline generator can be added to the system for those rare island days when there is neither wind nor sunshine.

Hybrid systems are designed to be operated “off the grid” (i.e. not connected to a commercial power distribution system) which makes them ideal for stand-alone operation. Sophisticated electronic controllers manage the multiple power sources and monitor the status of the batteries. If the reserve runs low, the controller automatically starts the generator to supply power and charge the battery bank.

For Continuous Loads of 75 to 3000watts

Khan Solar Power Stations are complete integrated power systems for critical telecommunication loads including BTS, microwave, cell phone towers, switches, fiber optics, repeaters site and mobile medical unit’s loads requiring 12/24/48VDC or 110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz AC voltage and they are designed for ease of transportation and rapid deployment making Khan Solar Power Station a cost-effective power choice along with longevity and low maintenance.

Wired to NEC standards, each Power Station provides safe and reliable power without the expense of installing utility power. The solar array tilt is easily adjustable to maximize solar energy output. The systems are mounted on galvanized steel structures or trailers engineered to withstand harsh environments and high wind loads.

This highly reliable solar backup system is establishing an uninterruptible power supply for your server and communications center. Having a dependable source of backup power can save your critical data from blackouts and brownouts.

The Khan Solar Power Online System is an uninterruptable DC power supply (UPS) for utility connected equipment with continuous loads up to 3000 watts. They convert AC primary power to charge a 12, 24 or 48 volts DC battery bank which powers a DC load or an AC load through an inverter.

This Hybrid system is plugged into an electrical outlet and the batteries are kept charged by the utility grid, ready to provide power when the grid goes down. It could also be charged by solar panels or a gas/diesel generator.