solar We offer our years of experience in solar designing and installation for residential customers, from 1 kw to 30 kw grid tied system. We take care all paper work with cities, counties and other governmental agencies to collect incentives and rebates on behalf of our customers.

Installing a solar energy system on your home can pay itself in as few as 4 years, and then provide many years of free, clean renewable energy. We offer both mono and poly crystalline solar panels with 25 years’ warranty.

Quality and Services:

Khan Solar offers complete solar electric power solutions for your home utilizing high-quality solar panels for homes and components backed by the longest warranties available. Our installers will provide the highest quality customer service- service you can count on for years to come.

Hassle-Free Turnkey Solar Panel Installation:

Turnkey installation means that Khan Solar sees the job through from beginning to the end. We design, supply, build and install your home solar panel system in a streamlined, effective process. By the time we leave, we’ll have your meter spinning backwards.

With home solar power, you can end your dependence on expensive, non-renewable energy sources. Khan Solar system makes switching to a home solar power system easy.

77The installation of a home solar power system is professional and streamlined. Our experienced team can design and build a solar power solution to fit your needs. From day one till completion includes following

1- Surveying the site: Our project managers come on site, conduct a site survey and create a diagram of the system design.

2- Pulling building permits: Once the site survey is complete, we submit the applications for all necessary building permits.

3- Ordering materials: We order the equipment and set an installation date pending delivery of the materials.

4- Installation:  Once the modules and inverters are delivered, our licensed installation team begins work on your solar panel installation.

5- Building permit final:  We schedule a final building department inspection.

6- Interconnection:  As soon as your installation has passed inspection, your home solar panel system is ready for interconnection with the utility grid. A representative from the electric company will conduct his own inspection before the installation is complete.

7- Completion:  Your turn key solar system begins to work as soon as it is fully installed and connected. You now have a solar power home.